About Us

In 2019 CW Digital Designs was founded by Christopher Gonzales. I started the company because I loved to wear custom apparel, and it is the only way I could express myself on any given day. CW Digital Designs started as a hobby as I was still working in the corporate world working a 9to5 job, but as time went on my hobby turned into more than just a hobby after a while as I enjoyed working with new images and adding them to the website.

I always liked how you could go to the mall and get a t-shirt airbrushed to what you liked. So, I can now do that and provide the same services without the airbrush. I enjoy talking to people and learning so many things about them and what they have in mind as for their new custom Apparel or Home Décor.

My passion for custom apparel exploded once I found out there are more than just custom t-shirts and hoodies, I’d discover that you can have custom pillows, bags in the home décor world as well. Now I can express myself and others in their homes as well for any occasion not just for holidays but baby showers and birthdays etc.  

Our products are custom made to order. We have teamed up with some great vendors out there that deliver top quality prints that will not fade or crack after a few washes. The vendors that we work with have multiple locations worldwide, so we can just about deliver to anyone out there that is seeking custom apparel or home décor. We are excited to hear and learn more about you and your ideas that you have on your next custom order and look forward to working with you and your family and friends, so please send us an email We are excited to hear from you.