About Us

In 2019 I started as a small t-shirt website selling basic printed shirts and few Vinyl shirts as well. This started out as just a hobby, at the time.  Since then, we had made a pivot into just creating our brand of business and not just random images on shirts. We take pride in our products and share a passion for what we do for our business. I have a passion in the automotive world and not just in the exotic autos, I also have a passion in the off-road world too as I love Overlanding and hitting the trails in my truck and I also think this is as just exotic as the other. So, I have now created my own brand that is not just for one or the other but in all aspects of the automotive world. We have created activewear and swimwear too as this is also an EXOTIC part of life. Most of our products use a process of Print, Cut and Sew method so when you order these items this will be as fresh as you can get it and our other products, we use a POD (Print on Demand) for this process. Any of our shirts that use a POD method are made to order so these might take a little longer but well worth it in the end.


Christopher Gonzales